About Us

Company Overview

Digital experiences that connect on a “difference-making” level make a true impression. So at Salamander Fire Media, real client value begins with discovering compelling insights into the motivation to act. Web design is part art, part science, as it perfectly melds together a designer’s creative eye with the coding skills of an online wizard. That’s one of the more difficult aspects of web design and marketing; it takes both technical knowledge and soft skills to make a website that is exactly what search engines AND users need.

Who We Are

We’are a team of passionate problem-solvers and out of the box thinkers. Our mission is to take as much complexity off of our client’s and as much as possible we make thier websites perform faster, SEO-friendly and generates more traffic.


Our work targets both consumer and B2B audiences in the interest of building awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition and purchase continuity.

Most agencies get right into the “what” of their portfolio. We’ll start you off with the “why.” We want to do great work that gets results. It’s as simple as that. We’ll partner with you to learn your business, define your goals, and develop a strategy for reaching them. There’s a method to our madness: Behind every funny video, every heartstring-pulling ad, and every clever tagline is a plan to grow your brand and make your business stronger.


We deliver what we promise and go above and beyond to add unanticipated value to our clients. We love what we do, love digital marketing, and greet new challenges with excitement.

“Salamander Fire Media has made a huge difference to our business with his good work and knowledge of SEO and business to business marketing techniques. Our search engine rankings are better than ever and we are getting more people contacting us thanks to Salamander Fire Media and hard work.“

“My Store ranking has gone up so much from the great work that your team has done and our brand get organic sales consistently from your efforts. We are happy that the results of your efforts were lasting and profitable.”

“They are knowledgeable and up to date with all the latest Google changes and challenges which is very important and something I didn’t find with other outsourcing firms in the past.“


Let your business bloom


 Phone: +971 0564 425 813
Email: info@salamanderfiremedia.com
Address: Plot 184-0, Port Saeed Street, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates